Local Products

"Top quality local products are exhibited at the reception of our hotel, which you can buy for yourself or your loved ones. These products have been made in the kitchen of the hotel.

For this reason, we offer them with pride and confidence.
Thank you"

In our hotel you will find:

-100% extra virgin olive oil with production and bottling certification.
-Our white or red bottled wine.
-The famous digestive liqueur TENTURA, ideal after a nice lunch or dinner.
-The famous mastic liqueur
-The excellent Patras Turkish delights with Tentura

Tentoura "Castro" is the most famous liqueur of Patras and Achaia. Its name which is our registered trademark, comes from the Latin "tinctura" meaning tincture extract. According to tradition, the recipe for tentoura dates back to the Venetian Era of around the 15th Century.

Tentoura owes its aroma to extracts of fruits and spices, especially cinnamon and cloves but also nutmeg, citron, mandarin, mastiha of Chios Island. The people of Patras used to call Tentoura "a shot of fragrance", thanks to its aroma, and it was usually consumed after a good meal as a digestive liqueur.

Tentoura combines well in cocktails with brandy or rum. Dry fruits, walnuts and doughnuts make an excellent accompaniment. Added to your tea or your coffee, a shot of tentoura gives it a distinctive, aromatic taste.



Experience the Dream

On a true paradise on earth, washed by the azure waters of the Ionian Sea, with a verdant background of pine trees, with the sand, scattered with sand dunes, making up this unique natural setting.


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