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Welcome to Verde al Mare

We welcome you to the Verde al Mare Hotel, which is situated in the internationally famous Strophilia forest, just 45 km
from Patras towards the city of Pyrgos. Road access to and from the hotel is easy, comfortable and safe.
The route as you drive through Strophilia forest is unforgettable. The tranquillity of the bright green forest, the clean air 
in combination with the best and cleanest beach in the prefecture of Achaia are the natural elements that embrace our hotel.

That is why the name of our hotel refers directly to nature. Verde al mare means Green in the sea
and pine-trees lend a blue-green colour to the water of the beach extending along the forest.

The Resort

The LATTAS family built a hotel in one of the most beautiful natural areas of Greece, washed by the azure waters of the Ionian Sea...


Our goal is to offer you the most modern conveniences,
making your stay the experience of a lifetime...


Moments of relaxation and local flavours complete your beautiful holiday experience at our hotel...

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Mythical Landscape

Verde al mare hotel is close to important archaeological destinations like Ancient Olympia, Delphi and more...
The landscape around is one of the most beautiful natural regions of Greece, surrounded by the blue waters of the
Ionian Sea!


Escape the Ordinary

Indulge in a unique setting that invites you to visit and explore it. Fill your senses and relax in the immense green and blue of nature, becoming one with it.

Bird Watching

The Strofilia forest and lagoons area is a place for
rest or stay for a great number of migratory birds.

Take part in the organised activities of the Verde al mare Hotel and enjoy unique experiences. Escape into... a natural world!

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  • Ancient Ilida

    Ancient Ilida

    In ancient times, athletes participating in the Olympic Games were obliged to arrive to the premises one month earlier to train, learn the rules of the games and be divided according to their sport, category and age...

  • Dymaion Wall

    Dymaion Wall

    Built around 1300 BC, the Cyclopean wall has a 250m perimeter, is 5m thick and has a preserved height of 8.4m. During World War II the occupying forces demolished a part of the walls to serve their purposes...

  • Archaeological Museum of Patras

    Archaeological Museum of Patras

    The museum has four thematic exhibitions, three of which are permanent and the other temporary. The exhibits hosted there have been found in the wider region of Achaia between 3000 BC and the 4th century BC...

  • Chlemoutsi Castle

    Chlemoutsi Castle

    The castle was built around 1220 and was the strongest fort of its times due to its strategic position. With extensive views of the plain of Ilia and the Ionian Sea, it protected both the capital as well as the harbour...

  • Temple of Apollo Epicurius

    Temple of Apollo Epicurius

    The temple was erected by Iktino, the Parthenon’s architect, in the second half of the 5th century BC. This monument was the first in Greece to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986...

  • Castle of Patras

    Castle of Patras

    The castle was built by Justinian during the second half of the 6th century AD on the ruins of the ancient Acropolis, which was destroyed by an earthquake. The walls surround an area of 22,725 sqm and have a triangular exterior yard, reinforced with towers, bastions and a deep trench...

  • Achaia Claus Winery

    Achaia Claus Winery

    The Achaia Claus Winery Castle is located on the homonymous hill and was established in 1861 by Bavarian Gustav Clauss, who came to Patras in 1854 to work for a German company trading raisins...

  • Delphi


    Delphi was one of the five sacred cities of antiquity together with Athens, Eleusis, Olympia and Delos. It hosted the most important Oracle of Ancient Greece, where Pythia revealed the prophecies of god Apollo...

  • Forest of Foloi

    Forest of Foloi

    The forest stretches over an area of 0.042 square kilometres and is one of Europe’s rarest oak forests, the only one in the Balkans. It is completely flat, as it is located on the namesake plateau, which the locals refer to as the “balcony of Ilia”...

  • Neda waterfalls

    Neda waterfalls

    Neda river follows a 32km route of natural wealth and flows into the Ionian Sea, just outside Kyparissia. Along its course, it forms several waterfalls. The largest one is close to Figalleia and is about 50 meters high...

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